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Training in Dementia Care

With the rapidly increasing ageing population, the need for affordable healthcare and demand for well-trained workforce of doctors, psychologists, social workers and caregivers also increases. Care-giving is a growing sector with enormous opportunities. Nuclear family systems, hectic job of balancing work and personal life and modernization has made caring for elders and persons with Dementia a challenging task. This opens up space for the youth, willing to dedicate their life and services to others, to opt for a career in geriatric care, especially those who wish to be trained and acquire special skills for handling people who have a long terms illnesses such as dementia. Family carers also seek to learn the skills needed to care for their loved ones at home and provide the best interventions possible.

NMT's well-equipped training department strives to empower formal and informal caregivers with the skills to provide the best care for persons with Dementia. Some of the courses have government certification, while others have certification from the Alzheimer's Disease International.

Nightingales Medical Trust is pleased to partner with the Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) and the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) in providing class-leading training in Dementia Care using standardized tools and techniques of care.

ARDSI is a partner with Nightingales Medical Trust for Training Programs
Alzheimer's Disease International provides certification for some training programs conducted by Nightingales Medical Trust

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