The DemClinic platform is accessible and Free for all through a computer, phone or tablet

Online Consultation
with Dementia Expert

When you are unable to visit a Dementia expert at our facility, you can schedule an appointment with us online, from the comfort of your home!

The elderly are a vulnerable group for COVID-19, and visiting a hospital to consult with an expert might be risky. DemClinic is an unique online memory clinic where you can meet with a Dementia Care Expert for free. If a risk of Dementia is detected through the scientific and research-based tests, then a consultation with a Psychiatrist or Geriatrician or Neurologist is scheduled at a very nominal cost. 


Memory Screening

FREE Cognitive assessments for persons over 60 years of age to check for memory disorders

Expert Consultation

Consultation with an expert online through telemedicine to establish a working diagnosis

Directory of Services

The DemClinic Directory lists services for dementia in different parts of the country. The listing includes memory clinic, day care, residential care, training and support services.


DemClinic is India's first expert-led cognitive assessment platform for the elderly. DemClinic leverages telemedicine technology to increase access to dementia screening, diagnosis, and care. The platform will help in getting timely diagnoses and faster access to experts. This initiative will reduce the need for travel, eliminate the risk of contagious infection, mitigate the stigma by providing confidential assessment and provide equal access to care in the community. The goal of the platform is to reduce the treatment gap and circumvent issues pertaining to distance, scarcity of experts and indirect costs of seeking clinical services.

DemClinic platform is designed keeping with telemedicine guidelines of India 2020, and Mental Health Act 2017, and is an initiative of the Bangalore Chapter of Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India and Nightingales Medical Trust.

There is a comprehensive range of services that will be delivered through this platform. Memory screening for older adults with memory issues, interactive videoconferencing for dementia assessments, and management by experts for people with dementia, access to information on care services, resources, and support available locally, and periodic follow-up are various services to be provided by the platform.

What They Say...

I appreciate the time and effort in assessing my aunt's condition. I liked the systematic approach towards data collection, followed by the simple tests to determine the cognitive state of the patient. 

While my aunt's condition is not amongst the early ones, I think the DemClinic portal is an excellent idea to catch dementia and Alzheimer's early in the elderly population of our country through online consultations and help maintain their quality of life before it starts to deteriorate. 

Best wishes and all success to the team at Nightingales Medical Trust.

Harish Swamy - Nephew of person assessed on the DemClinic portal

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