Mr Harish Swamy, whose aunt was assessed on DemClinic

I appreciate the time and effort in assessing my aunt's condition. I liked the systematic approach towards data collection, followed by the simple tests to determine the cognitive state of the patient.
While my aunt's condition is not amongst the early ones, I think the DemClinic portal is an excellent idea to catch dementia and Alzheimer's early in the elderly population of our country through online consultations and help maintain their quality of life before it starts to deteriorate.
Best wishes and all success to the team at Nightingales Medical Trust.

Mr Nizar Ali, Son of Mrs Habeeba Begum, a member at the Red Cross - Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre, Hyderabad

My mother has greatly benefitted from the program conducted by the Red Cross - Nightingales Trust Dementia Care Centre. She is involved in many creative activities on a daily basis like drawing, puzzle solving, cooking and Physiotherapy at the Centre. I have seen a drastic change in her health and activity since she has been enrolled. She seems to be mentally happier, and physically active. She truly has a great time with the volunteers and staff there. I would like to thank the team for this wonderful improvement in my mother’s life.

Family of Mrs Shambavi, a member at our Dementia Day Care Center, Jayanagar, Bangalore

My aunt is a changed person after she started coming to Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre. She looks forward to going to the Centre everyday. NMT has been a blessing too for us, her caregivers. While we are at work we are at peace knowing that she is safe and sound under your care. We are truly thankful and grateful for the wonderful effort each one of you is putting in, for making the lives of dementia patients more meaningful and in turn helping the caregivers breathe easier. A big thank you.

Son of one of the Day Care Members at our Dementia Day Care Centre, Jayanagar, Bangalore

I am very happy to share my thoughts in terms of the services at the Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre. My father joined recently for day care service and he is really enjoying the company with other folks. The mentors, trainers and facilities are good. After joining the Centre I can see some improvements in his routine lifestyle. The staff are thorough professionals and highly skilled and they are very helpful in terms of any clarification if we have any to discuss and they provide swift response which is really good.

Sridhar G, Son of a member at the Red Cross - Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centre, Hyderabad

My mother is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She used the day care facilities at the Nightingales Trust Centre for a month and was quite active during the month. The staff are friendly and helpful. The administrator is quite responsive and communicates the progress at regular intervals. Many thanks to the staff for supporting the elderly with affection and utmost care.

Family of Mr Ramamurthy, a resident at the ETCM - Nightingales Trust Dementia Care Center, Kolar

When you are down, dispirited, and doleful, you need someone who cares, takes charge to protect you, and guides you towards better. Ten months ago, my father’s declining health had kept us worried. He needed someone trained enough to care for him. Now, at ETCM-NDCC, he is in the tender care of people from Nightingale. In his own words, when I called on him, he said, “he has found new friends there.” What more does one at 91 need but great company, good health, and peaceful sleep. Thank you Team Nightingale@ETCM for all the care you are giving my father.

Son of one of our residents at the Nightingales Trust - Tanya Mathias Elder Care Center, Kothanur

Thanks for taking care of my mother with all the compassion and love that she deserves! I appreciate the attention you gave her when she was down with Covid! The way you treat her like family is something that gives me confidence that she is in the right hands! Thanks for all the taking care of her physical and mental well-being!

V Gurunathan, Husband of one of our residents at the Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's Kasturinagar, Bangalore

My wife, Meera Gurunathan, has been with you for the past one year and will be starting her second year, today.

I wish to thank EVERYONE at Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's for the wonderful way you have taken care of her. Any time I come there, I have been received with a smile. The doctors, the office staff, the nurses, the care givers and all the other staff take exceptional care of the residents.

I am sure I would not have been able to take care of her at home, as you have been taking care of her.

My son Gurunathan Venkatasubramanian, and his wife Meena Venkatasubramanian join me in saying 'Thank You' for the wonderful way you have taken care of her.

Ms Vanaja Nair - Daughter of one of our residents at Nightingales Center for Ageing and Alzheimer's, Kasturinagar, Bangalore

We were skeptical at first when we decided to bring our mother to Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s but as soon as my sister and I stepped into the institution and talked to the doctors, we felt assured that this was the right place. We finally had someone who could explain to us the nature of the disease, provide the medicines that will help soothe my mother, and provide individual care without having to impose on her space and freedom. Setting a routine in an expanded, yet controlled environment, we found, was critical. As the months went by, we felt her grow calmer, more relaxed and more vocal. Only at NCAA, were we able to understand the unique problems that came with dementia and we finally felt that she was able to get the help that she required. My mother has been here for over 7 years now. Even though her physical faculties have reduced considerably, we are very sure that the best place that she could be taken care of is in NCAA. And we are grateful every day to all of the staff who takes such loving care of my mother.

Dr Ali Khwaja, Founder Director of Banjara Academy

I deeply appreciate the patient, consistent and compassionate care you are giving to the elderly, especially to those who become helpless with Dementia. Please keep up your good work and my best wishes and blessings to all your team members.

Ms Mahita Nagaraj, volunteered at one of our care centres

I have been visiting NMT over the last few months and I find myself coming back regularly. The residents, all of who come from extremely disturbed backgrounds, are very well cared for by the dedicated staff. From medical attention to emotional support, from recuperation to rehabilitation, no stone is left unturned to ensure the highest standard of attention and care to each and every individual. The staff go beyond 'just another job' to really looking after the elderly residents as family. Most importantly the facilities are impeccably clean and hygienic. 

Shobamma, care staff at the ETCM - Nightingales Trust Dementia Care Centre

When I joined as a caregiver, I did not know much about the job. Even during the training I was not sure whether I would be able to do this. After working for two years, I can say that this is the most satisfying job. I can help give patients here the respect and care they deserve. I enjoy seeing their faces when they achieve something new or do something that they didn’t think they would ever do again. Now I am their family. It makes a real difference in my day to know the simplest things can mean so much for people with dementia. The work environment is positive and motivating. Though many times handling the clients with difficult behaviours is not easy, I look forward to each working day for the different challenges I know it will bring. This is truly a wonderful experience.

Swati Bhandary, Associate Director of Nightingales Medical Trust

When I joined NMT in 2006, there were only 4 projects run by the Trust. It was a small organization and what really attracted me was the passion of the founders and their involvement in the day to day activities. The uniqueness of this organization has been that it has studied the problems of the elders and came up with need based solutions that have appealed to elderly, their family and the community. The journey has been very rewarding and I am happy that we have been able to touch lives of so many elders. Their blessing has been the strength behind our constant strive for excellence in age care.

Sowbaghya, a nursing aide at one of our care centres

When I joined Nightingales Medical Trust in 2002, I was involved in a lot of field work. There were very few of us then and now it makes me so happy to see NMT grow into such a big family. The job has been more than satisfying. NEEC is like a family. The friendly atmosphere and the respect I have earned here has encouraged me to continue with my job. I feel I am doing a constructive job by looking after the elders and get a sense of satisfaction at the end of my day’s work. This has also encouraged me to take up extra responsibilities at the Centre.

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