Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's Kasturinagar, Bangalore

Established in 2010, Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s (NCAA) is India’s largest comprehensive residential care centre. This 98 bed facility provides the whole range of services required to manage Dementia under one roof.
All the features essential to a dementia-friendly facility, so as to encourage independence and social interaction, promote safety and enable activities of daily living are incorporated in this 4-storied building. A central courtyard, lawn, paved walk, gazebo, water fountain and a garden provide a quiet oasis for the residents.

What sets the Centre apart is:
  • Multidisciplinary approach to dementia care: The core team of a geriatric psychiatrist, general physicians, clinical and rehabilitation psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, nurses and trained caregivers ensures that every aspect of the illness is addressed and a tailor-made care plan is developed for each patient. The core team is based at the centre, which makes them accessible at all times.
  • 24/7 high quality care: Quality care is maintained and monitored on a regular basis. Every day, the psychiatrist, psychologists and physicians go on rounds and review residents' condition. Caregivers undergo a structured training program before being posted on the floors and regular retraining modules are conducted. The caring and supportive environment provided to the residents helps in minimizing the challenging behaviours in dementia.
  • Treatment: For each resident, an individualized, structured cognitive rehabilitation program is prepared, taking into account the severity of the disease and their current level of functioning. Apart from pharmacological treatment, the use of various non-pharmacological therapies such as hydrotherapy, pet therapy, cognitive stimulation therapy and other psycho-social interventions is promoted at the centre.
  • Location: The centre is located in Kasturi Nagar, a calm and green residential area which is less than 8 kms from the heart of the city making it easily accessible for family members.
  • Architecture: The architecture includes a central courtyard, lawn, paved walk, gazebo, water fountain and a garden that provide a quiet oasis for the residents.

Person-Centred Care

Architecture and Safety Features

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Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's 8P6, Kasturinagar, 3rd A Cross Rd, East of NGEF Layout, Banasawadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

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